Viking Rose and Kanaya Picture

I drew Rose and Kanaya from Homestuck in Viking attire!

In terms of the reason why Rose and Kanaya are in those dresses goes back to when I was little. I created an imaginary civilization based on a mix of Inuit and Viking culture called Anebrew (The Vikings conquered Anebrew in 1000 AD when America was discovered. Anebrew is close to Maine.). For some odd-ball reason, I could not help but see different fandoms playing the roles of my culture’s mythology.

For example, Kanaya is the daughter of Howler, Spirit of the Moon, and Jake, Spirit of Death. She starts out as more of a demigod, where she would live and die like a regular person. When she lived, she fell in love with a witch named Rose. One day, they were in the woods and Rose had to run an errand. She drew a circle around Kanaya and told her that as long as she remained within its barriers she is loyal. While she waited, Kanaya heard a scream. Thinking that it was Rose in danger she left the circle only to find that it was a deer calling. When Rose returned, she yelled at Kanaya and told her to never look at her face again. The heartbroken Kanaya fled to the mountains to seek comfort from her mother. On her way there, though, a blizzard came. Kanaya eventually froze to death. From then on she became the Spirit of Loyalty and Companionship. As for Rose, she felt great guilt for sending Kanaya away and begged her for forgiveness. Kanaya still loved her and granted her wish. After Rose’s death, she was reunited with her lover and became the symbol for forgiveness and redemption.

That’s basically the story I have for them. If you want more myths like these, I’ll happily post a list and you’ll pick which one I should work on next. Just let me know.

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