Selene Picture

Hey guys, long time no see, well I've been thinking of doing this for a couple of days now and then today I had my Wisdom teeth removed and so I took the opportunity actually too long after I got home and that's why I'm uploading it so late...

So I’ve been obsessed with this particular Titan for a few days now and watching Sailor Moon Crystal and listening to Imagine Dragons’ song of the same name on repeat did not help (well actually it helped with this pic...), I just really love Greek mythology okay

Well it’s nearly 5AM and I know it’s a bit sketchy but I put a lot of effort in (made the bg myself, and it tool so long to get that close to the pose I wanted), also I like sketchy things (Though I wasn't intending the moon to be quite so skethcy but meh)
Hope you like it!


Selene is the Titan of the Moon in Ancient Greek Mythology
...does this count as fanart?

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