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Squiremon is a stubborn and short rookie level digimon that has absolute faith in its Tamer and will serve them till death. It puts its own life before its masters; causing it to end up in rather dangerous situations. Still inexperienced, it wields a wooden sword; but it can control data particles around it to charge it's blade. If it evolves, it eventually gains the charisma fight and rule a kingdom.
Level:- Rookie
Type:- Amateur Soldier
Attribute:- Data
Field:- Virus Busters
Evolves From:- Kapurimon
Evolves To:- Knightmon/Saberknightmon


Baneshatter Throw down a wooden blade charged with data
Dynamic Thrust A swift strike that's unseen by the normal eye
Data Collection The wooden sword is charged with data to become even more powerful

Artist's Notes

Any similar digimon named 'Squiremon' are purely coincidental. This art does not mean to conflict with, or copy their designs.

As mentioned in other works, this is just a fan concept that is not at all canon. This is indeed based on the 'Saber' from Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, and the other various works. If you don't know, it's a visual novel/anime series based on the concept of Servants fighting for Masters, much like Digimon fighting for Digidestined. So if you haven't checked it out before, please DO =3
Hence the Servant/Master and Digimon/Digidestined concept spawned. I did a similar concept like this before a while ago, but with pokemon instead.

Possible Spoilers for Fate/Stay Night
Saber of Fate/Stay Night is actually based on the legendary and mythological hero, King Arthur but genderbent. Hence, when drawing the rookie stage, I gave her a wooden sword and basic armour. Her leggings reflect the ones she wore before pulling the Caliburn and her hair is loose to suggest lack of formality. Her true face is hidden between a knights helm; showing the medieval lineage, and the blue scarf is there because it's what I consider one of her trademark colours.
Spoilers End

Credits and Extra

Fate/Stay Night belongs to Type-Moon and Kinko Nasu
Digimon belongs to Toei and Bandai
The art and concept to Squiremon belongs to me.
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