Unicron - The Chaos God Picture

Unicron is the eternal dark god that is the antithesis of order and light itself. Also known as the Lord of Chaos, the Chaos Bringer, and "thy unmaker" he is primordial deity that is determine to devour or destroy the mete-psychical organic multiverse. On Cybertron, he is known as the God of Chaos, darkness, hatred, destruction, and hunger. But he also worshiped and different realms and other worlds.

His massive form is powered by pure chaos from destructive disasters (either from sentient beings or natural catastrophes) and his consumption of any psychical objects such as planets, moons, stars, and even the very fabric of existence. Not even the other gods are safe from the mighty wrath of Unicron, for a few can even match up to his power.

Its seem that when ever Unicron is around, he cause chaos and madness in his wake. Not just of natural disasters but inflicting madness upon all sentient beings to committed unspeakable crime from their loss of sanity. It is believed, that he was created by "The One" along with his counterpart Primus during the time when primordial gods first emerge.

Unicron will not be cease until he bring an end to all that is organic and free in the universe. And evolve in to the ultimate Chaos being by becoming the living center of a swirling, infinite void of nothingness and utter chaos at the end of all things. (you got competition Azathoth) The symbol of Unicron is the star with eight arrows with his face at the center.

Chaos a malevolent force that defies explanation, it is the antithesis of all that is normal and rational. The psychical laws that govern nature hold no sway in the dimension and there is no line to divide reality from fantasy. Chaos is the stuff of pure horror made real, in its swirling darkness every irrational mortal terror takes on a living countenances.

Unicron being the eternal dark god of chaos, is determine to devour or destroy anything either it to gain power from devouring stars or to satisfied himself to bring utter destruction and chaos. (kinda like the Old Ones) He is also an eldritch being, that can go in and out of mutil-demisions, and consume or destroy anything he desires.

Titles: God of Chaos, darkness, hatred, destruction, and hunger

This art was inspired by this guy mythological art gallery

"That which does not become a part of the one, shall become one with the void, even in outer space, the darkness becomes a part of you...until all is undone." - Unicron

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