Safiya of the Horusae (Remake) Picture

Safiya is the first piece made in ArtRage&Tablet that I'm uploading here AND she's my Sailor Moon main OC ^^ She has the POWER of Mist and Purification: She uses a variety of mists to hid from sight, render the enemies weak or incapacitate them, and in the last transformations she can purify/destroy possessed/evil beings. Among her abilities there is also "wallwalking" which she will use to escape her own mist or escape from a tricky situation. She will also have a weapon, a baton, she acquires after her second transformation.

All Nefertii gain a new NAME along with the title, and Safiya becomes Horusae Nefertii Tefnut.

1- Standard/1st transformation;
2- Upgrade/2nd transformation gained after joining the guard and learning to control and develop her powers;
3- Final/3rd Transformation - Horusae Nefertii Tefnut
This is basically a Remake though I totally revamped her original design - Movies & TV" data-super-img="" data-super-width="1131" data-super-height="707" data-super-transparent="false" data-super-full-img="" data-super-full-width="1600" data-super-full-height="1000">
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