Deimos_Lineart Picture

Character Design
Side characters for previous work Aaralyn Ares Character Design [link]

Deimos(full name have yet to be decided)
Lil Deimos [link]
Dark Keeper of Time
Black Flames (not comfirm)

Speciality - Time Manipulation and music base attacks (Violin). Prefers range attacks. Dark art User.

Guardian for Aerion [link]
Origin - Underworld
Right Handed


Origin of His name
Deimos, a figure representing dread in Greek Mythology
got it from one of mars smaller moon. (Moons are nice!!)

wiki if you're interested -> [link](moon)


Description of How I came about this character

Actually at the begining I already had in mind what kind of character I wanted him to be, his personality etc. He will the the guardian for Aerion. But I didn't rly thought of what type of attacks, the attire and weapon that he will use.

Tried drawing him with 2 handed sword, but didn't rly work out. Then tried katana with semi western and japanese outfit. Didn't really work out as the pose was kinda dull.

Then I tried thinking of what I wanted to draw. I wanted to draw gears (gears are cool!! but I'm still kinda bad at drawing it). So yea, clockworks would be cool. So he will have time base attacks. Then I kinda remembered I had a character last time who was "the keeper of time" [link] (old work). And coincidently they kinda had the same features, the horns, ears and long hair. SO I decided to made a grown up version of him instead XD.

Did a thumbnail for the pose. Absolutely no details. Thers where the violin comes into the picture ^__^ (music is cool as well!!)
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