Princess Andrasteia reference sheet Picture

The final reference sheet of Sailor Nemesis/ Verity Bailey
this time her princess/past form; Princess Andrasteia of Nemesis
(Andrasteia (the inescapable) is one of Nemesis' epitaphs in mythology, along with Rhammousia/Rhamnusia)

Andrasteia was once the princess of Nemesis, and well loved by her subjects
She was also the high judge of a galactic court during the Silver Millennium
A post she held with Sailor Themis, whom perished at an unspecified time and under unknown circumstances.
Her powers of justice were then granted to Nemesis, who at first only held the powers of vengeance and retribution.

Like all of Nemesis' outfits, her dress is fairly simple with little decorations, this because she's a rather practical person
she's also bare footed, with only a pair of silver bangles on each ankle.
Her planetary symbol (found on both the piece Hero and on Nemesis' senshi reference sheet) starts above her eyebrows with the wings, whilst the sword piece runs down the bridge of her nose

I hope you guys will like her ^-^

Sailor Nemesis/Verity Bailey/Princess Andrasteia of Nemesis @ me
association with sailor moon @ Naoko Takeuchi
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