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This is Chibi-Sailor Earth wither Elementals. I've been reading about mythology in all cultures that really grab my attention so I'm thinking I won't really have a straightforward story for her and the others (who ever they are xD) so I'll settle on bits and pieces here and there. So the first girl is Celestia, a MEGA-SUPREME OLD character i made up in 7th grade. Exxie was really...She kinda sprouted from the basic idea and mystery around Celestia. any wat, She's the more cosmic energy being inside of Exxie, maybe The Cosmic Spirit of Water? I'll have to brainstorm later on.
Then of course lil' Exxie is in the middle there, smilin' all happy like.
The last one is Ki...For now, that's what I'll call her. She's the slightly lesser cosmic energy in Exxie, the kind that plain old normal Senshi have, nothing TOO special. 'Ki' is the Sumerian goddess of Earth...Thought it was fitting since she's plainly more Earthly than Celestia. She's more childlike than Celestia as well, getting distracted by shiney things and squirrels..and such...
I think I'll have like..A short thing on those two conflicting..Because Celestia takes her duty as a life or death job and Ki is more laid back so when they do get in squimishes they both stand their ground very violently. They can even split Exxie so that there is both a Plant-Like Earth and a Water-like Earth. Oh yeah..this authors comments ARE my brainstorming boxes..xD
i hope you enjoy them!

Sailor moon is Naoko T.'s
Exxie Is mine, Ki is mine, Celestia is mine.
'Ki' the goddess term belongs to Sumeria...but ya know..what would they do If I didn't credit them? xD
Got the base of of photobucket.
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