MLP: Original character dump Picture

Here we have a collection of my OC's and their cutie marks.

At the top we have Princess Aquilina the seapony, she is married to Prince Perceus and they both rule Aquatica together. I loosely based her colour scheme on G1 seapony Wave Dancer. Aquilina has unicorn magic to bend water. Her cutie mark is a Sea shell and a star fish.

Prince Perceus, (named after Demigod in Greek Mythology) he is a warrior and knight and his job is to protect the Kingdom of Aquatica. His horn is curved more so he uses it as a weapon more than for magic. His cutie mark is an anchor.

On the right is Pumpkin smash, she was born on Nightmare Night and her mother was a worshipper of Nightmare moon. As a filly she was feared as an outcast. Pumpkin smash is a prankster and enjoys scaring ponies. Her cutie mark is a Jack-o-lantern (with a face that resembles balloon Discord).

Next is Garcia, a young Giraffe, a medical healer and expert on natural herbs. Timid and gentle and has a way to tame wild animals. Her cutie mark is two animal paws.

Then is Violet feather the gryphon. She didn't fit in with other gryphons because she was a runt and couldn't defend for herself. She left the gryphon Kingdom and moved to Cloudsdale where she met her Pegasus boyfriend Metal head. (Unlike Gilda) Violet is gentle, friendly and a little shy. She is lead singer in the band 'Iron Gryphon'.

Metal Head is a male Pegasus pony with black patches on his eyes (similar to KISS). He plays guitar in his band 'Iron Gryphon'. It is difficult to play guitar with hooves so he sometime puts his guitar behind his back and plays with his wings. He is a loud, wild party animal while his girlfriend Violet feather is calm and gentle.
His cutie mark is a burning guitar.

And finally is Tropical breeze, she is a young unicorn and a hula dancer. She enjoys surfing, dancing and singing. Her cutie mark is three hot pink, tropical flowers.

The OC's are mine.

MLP belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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