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The origin of the crystals' nickname comes from ancient Crimean mythology and their sensitivity to magic of any kind. The ancient spirit Alne'esh was the deity of magic, wind, and the moon. Legends say it taught magic to mortals but wept bitterly when they used it to destroy each other. The tears of the moon, as they came to be called, absorbed any arcane energy within a huge radius. This constant absorption in turn dramatically boosted the speed and frequency of riftborn attacks. Ironically, riftborn are also weak to attacks arcane in nature. When the worldwide ban on sorcery was put into place, the mages of the world were left with few options. They either chose to volunteer to live near the tears and only use magic to fight riftborn, never again use sorcery, or practice in secret. Because of the carnage caused by the first ascended riftborn, codenamed no arms, users of magic have become outcasts and pariahs the world over. In the spring of 1998, Grieg and his older brother Halsh were sent to live at the northern barrier facility. Grieg, who had shown a capacity for arcane perception since youth, had never been able to live a stable life and was forced to move often. When the military offered him stability, acceptance and a use for his abilities, he decided to join his brother in the north. Grieg's sensitivity to the arcane energies of the tear led to significant discoveries about the tears and the riftborn who seek them.

(Brenn and Grieg, age 20 and 22 respectively, celebrating Grieg's decision to stay after the one year test run of living at the facility. They, at the time, shared the distinction of technically being the only non-military, non-criminal residents of the barrier facility. Grieg borrowed the jacket for the picture. )

When i said larger i meant it. Maybe two more of these and the back story will be fairly well fleshed out.
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