ATG Day 9: Luna Valkyria Picture

This was a challenge to complete in one day, but I should make it in just under the wire. Today's topic was to draw a pony as if they were from one of your favorite pieces of media, and in this case I chose to mix in a bit of Norse mythology as seen in the PlayStation RPG Valkyrie Profile. I chose Luna as the subject, and donned her in the armor worn by Ahly Valkyria, also known as Hrist in the North American localization. It seemed appropriate, given Luna's previous use of armor as Nightmare Moon. One of the biggest challenges off-the-bat was getting a good fix on Luna's coat color. My initial blue was too light, so I went over it a second time with a blue/gray mixture. It's closer, but it may be a bit too dark; however, what counts is that it contrasts well with the lighter blues. The high level of detail on the armor was also time-consuming, and in my rush to ink the main lines I accidentally penned through a spot where her halberd crosses over her front leg. The tone on the skirts also turned out a bit darker than I expected it to.

Rushing to the finish caused some problems, but I think this piece turned out pretty well, despite them.
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