Consecrated Silver Craft working Picture

" Consecrated Silver Craft " is more than just beautiful jewelry. It is just what it`s name tells - Consecrated Silver Craft : uniquely designed and handcrafted silver talismans ( pendants, rings, bracelets, brooches and other wearable small objects), with embedded semi-precious or precious stones. Each piece is crafted by hand, combining artistic skills and old traditional "silver-smithing" way, without using any molds or casting silver . What makes each piece " consecrated " is process of creation. For every silver piece special semi-precious or precious stone is selected. All stones are cleansed during the phase of waning moon and charged during the phase of waxing moon. Designs and ideas for creating each unique silver talisman I gather in nature: I find inspiration in forests, woods, leaves, trees, rivers...but also from Celtic mythology books and old Celtic knowledge. Every silver piece is completely unique and one of a kind - there are no two which are the same. Process and ritual of crafting and consecration takes more than just one day : special time and special elements are required, depending on phases of the moon. Every silver amulet is fired in full moon night, consecrated with fire, cleansed with water and specially smudged and programmed. After every silver talisman is finished, it is specially cleansed by the Ancient Art of Smudging : purifying objects with the smoke of sacred herbs. Most of these herbs I gather and dry myself, but I also use high-quality incense sticks when I need special herbs which are not native in my garden or near forest. I work in nature and in my Celtic atelier, where my Celtic bench is also my special ritual altar for creating my Consecrated Silver Craft.
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