Sailor Charon Picture

Sailor Charon also known as Endoh Chiba, second daughter of Usagi and Mamoru is another one of my origional characters for another one of my Fanfics. Yes it is a Sailor Moon Super S fanfic so leave me. I was inspired... Any way! As some of you may know Charon is one of Pluto's moons but is in the process of being considered an 'independant' planet. Yes I've put alot of research into this character. Now, on to her attire.

The colours represent her 'element' so to speak. She doesn't exactly have an element. The blue represent's her connecting to Pluto (Setsuna). Thr Black and Grey represents not only the planet Charon itself but also death. Why death? Because in Greek Mythology Charon is also known as the Ferryman of Hades which is where the skull in the little globe thing at the top of the scythe and the scyth itself comes in. The moon atop the globe and her hair accesories represents her connection to the earth's moon (Usagi). The scythe itself -not the handle- is made of blue crystal.

The button on her bow (which isn't shown) is a replica of the globe on her scythe. There is also a skull located at the back of the ribbon around her neck; this is also not shown. Her hair is braided and wraped in to a bun. Her clothes is exactly like Sailor Pluto's and she is not a Sailor Scout; she is an Outer Senshi. She is from the 40th century.

EDIT: It so sucks that Pluto isn't a planet anymore.
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