Lelriu Itioths : be the weird ass sea dweller Picture

Character Theme: nostalgia
Gender: female
Age: 7 sweeps
World: Alternia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Quadrants filled: 1; you only have a moirail
Lusus: huge, alert aquatic mythological creature

-Physical Description-
Blood Color: violet (seadweller)
Height: taller than average
Build: thin
Hair: pony tail

Vim: 7/10
Imagination: 6/10
Pulchritude: 2/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Extraversion: 2/10
Sentimentality: 5/10
Stability: 4/10
Aggression: 10/10
Luck: 4/10
Wealth: 5/10
Humor: 6/10
Kindness: 1/10
Romanticism: 5/10
Psionics: 2/10
Hemoloyalty: 2/10
Lusus Influence: 7/10

-Values and Goals-
You dislike: your lusus
You dislike: the Great Outdoors
Very strong goal: to live a life of adventure
Overwhelming fear: nightmares
Weak skill: masonry

-SGRUB (optional)-
Title: Page of sound
Moon: Derse
Strife Specibus: forkkind
Continue Reading: Moon