Nyx and Solaris Picture

Um, yeah, so... I got bored, and made this. I know I haven't posted any Nyx and Solaris stuff in a while, but then again, I'm not posting as much as I once did.

Anyway, here's Nyx and Solaris, being the godly couple they are. Nyx, from Greek mythology, is the essence of night, and Solaris is a demi-titan, son of Helios, titan of the sun (not to be confused with Apollo who's the god of the sun)

I think I've spoken about their relationship before, but in case I haven't... In a roleplay me and my friend were in, Nyx was caught in the middle of an one-going war, and ending up meeting Solaris, who at first was just tricking her, but then fell in love with her. Long story short, shit happened, they were with each other through thick and then, and even ended up getting married and have some children together, Caroline (daughter, Michael, oldest son, and Eren, youngest son)

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