Brother Hati Hroovitnisson Picture

To think I knew him as his father Fenrir aka Fenris.

The same Hati who would sometimes lean on my shoulder at night.
The Same Hati who plays tricks with my head from time to time.
The same Hati who helped me control my anger and rage when a pencil was jabbed in between my neck and shoulder by the girl who bothered me during junior high.
The same Hati who saved me from a robber at gun point in a park.

But not the same Hati who Norse mythology claims to know as a demonic spirit who wishes to devour the moon.

Through sight and mind we share, see the beauty this world has to offer, to see that its a world worth saving... is something we both cherish.

(Recently i've learned about Norse mythology and the history behind Ramiel and Fenris who are actually Skoll and Hati. The image you see is a dream I had back in November 2015 when he summoned me to the top of a mountain that stretched through the clouds. Only to say thank you)

(The symbol on his face has changed since then, growing and from the looks of it rooting itself across his face oozing with light and energy I tried my best to draw it out but there was just so much detail, its hard to see it all)

(Not all demons are bad)
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