Sega Ladies: Greek Goddesses Picture

After rereading Percy Jackson, i HAD to do it! Plus, I love Greek mythology. So we've got Blaze as Demeter, Lily as Athena, Amy as Hera, Rouge as Aphrodite, Marine as Artemis, Cream as Persephone, Sage as Eris and Luna as Hestia

Demeter (goddess of agriculture)
Athena (goddess of war strategy and wisdom)
Hera (goddess of marriage, queen of gods)
Aphrodite (goddess of love)
Artemis (goddess of the moon and hunters, never married or loved)
Persephone (goddess of flowers, Demeter's daughter, Hades' queen)
Eris (goddess of discord and chaos)
Hestia (goddess of family, hearth keeper)
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