My Dance with the Goddess Picture

Last night something wondrous happened to me
I laid almost asleep
When I heard the whispers begin
I could hear a soft voice say
"Come to me my daughter"
I opened my eyes and saw the words
Floating fairy tale script
Circling around my head
I slowly left my soft bed
And tiptoed to the door
To exit my chamber
To find the source of the
Floating Whisper
I swung open the door
To find that the hallway had disappeared
I looked behind me
My room was gone as well
I looked around me
I was standing on a shooting star
Amidst a galaxy
Painted black
And dotted
With specks of light
I stared at the place in wonder
Until a soft laughter
Came from behind me
The shooting star turned me around
And I could not believe my eyes
I took in the sight of a woman
Dancing on the moon
She was the most beautiful being
That I have ever beheld
With skin so white
It cast a warm glow
Her hair was raven black
It shined as it caught the light
Upon her head
Sat a crown of stars
And shimmering
As she twirled and whirled about
Her eyes were of the clearest blue
Like a pool of water
Calling one to dive into
The Lady's dress was white underneath
With black flowing from the top
It billowed with her playful dance
She beckoned me
With a heart stopping smile
And a flick of her wrist
Covered in moonstone
The star carried me foreword
While I gazed in awe
At the woman
As she danced and leapt around me
She draped a wreath of love
Around my neck
My heart was filled with joy
As she took my hand
And together
We danced and laughed on the moon
Deep into the night
A happier time
I will never know
Her dress caught the breeze that didn't exist
I had clearly passed the boundary
Where body and soul are kissed
We slowed our dance
And the Lady looked at me
With compassion and love
Etched into the very lines of her face
She spoke
And the strange fairy tale script smoke
Filled the air with a sapphire hue
"My daughter, do you know who I am?"
I shook my head
And silently prayed
That the Lady would not be angered
She threw back her head
And said
My wrath is something
You will never have to feel
I am known by many names
Midnight enchantress, Selene, Gaia, Mary, and Nyx.
I am The Goddess, the Great Mother."
She smiled at me
And I felt my spirit soar
She took me in her eyes
And then kissed my forehead
With the infinite tenderness
Only a Goddess could have
I awoke the next morning
With a strange dream to tell
But as I walked past the mirror
I saw that the Goddess had left her mark )O(
On my forehead
I ran downstairs for all to see
But no one could see it
Except for me
This was the Goddess's way of saying
"My daughter,
It wasn't a dream."
Now when I walk down the street
And I look up at the moon
Remembering my dance with the Goddess
A wind kicks up
And swirls
And whirls around me…



I am a wiccan, this is a poem to My Goddess about a similar experience I once had.

Blessed be.

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