BoE - Endymion's Soldier Picture

It took a lot of playing with colors to find something I was happy with. I wasn't sure I'd be happy about this but it works. Colors are cobalt blue, saddle brown, and of course, gold.

I gave her peeptoed sandals (or heels, haven't decided yet - I drew her originally in heels..). I nearly put her hair in odango - I may try to see what I can come up with :3.

Namewise - I thought I'd keep to Sailor Earth but now, I don't want to. I need something related to Endymion that doesn't sound like it doesn't fit Oo;. She is earth-elemental based with her grandfather's healing ability but there wasn't a lot of mythology related to Endymion - at least woman-wise. That's how I got Naxos, by name only to relation as a daughter of his. I looked her up and got next to nil of mythology (I think, I may be thinking that I DID research where I really didn't.. it happens sometimes -_-; ).
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