Nemean Lion- Meainzos Picture

Hehehe.... I'm giving you guys a glimpse of the project I'll /hopefully/ be working on as soon as I find some skill.

So don't hold your breath. :3

Anyway, it's based off the children of Typhon and Echidna from Greek Mythology. Basically, their spirits hitch a ride with some mortals and well... the go have adventures and stuff. I haven't cleared that up yet, but this idea's been floating about in my head for about two years now, give or take. I couldn't find a good list of Typhon's kids, so I used my knowledge of Myths and a bit of personal preference to choose. I ended up including-

The Calydonian Boar- [link]
The Nemean Lion- You Are Here
The Sphinx
The Hydra
The Chimera- [link]
Ladon- [link]

The "monsters" can manifest their "aura" in either the form of a weapon or in their own form. Each weapon is unique and has its own special, limited abilities. They can't manifest their aura on their own, but they require the "focus" of their host, who can either wield the weapon or "coat" themselves with the monster's form. The weapons, with exception of Gourouni, are all based off real weapons. Gourouni's basically just a big whacky thing with spikes.

They each also have their own greek letter.

Meet Meainzos, more commonly known as; the Nemean Lion. His claws are made of silver, as well as his nose, and he has a scar running the length of his belly from where Heracles skinned him. His earring and collar are a gift from the moon.

His host is an Indian girl who is one of those Computer Help-Line people and a part time model. She can be superficial, sneaky, and seductive, but is tough as nails and can easily out-drink anyone.

Name: Meainzos (A Horrible mutilation of the Greek words for "lion" and "bronze")
Letter: Xi
Personality: Selene, the Moon, absolutely doted on him before his death, so he holds less against the gods than the others. In fact, the extra attention has gone so far as to make him both spoiled and a brown-noser. He is also very vain, and considers himself a favorite. He also likes to brag that he saved Heracles on many occasions (by way of his pelt) if only for a few more status points. Despite his numerous character flaws, however, he is sympathetic and remarkably cool-headed. He doesn't like hurting women, children, or those who are weak, and will go easy on them to the point of letting them leave without a scratch. He is the least likely of the group to get upset, and often makes good choices as to what they should do next.

Abilities: Like his siblings, he has limited regenerative abilities. However, like the legends, his pelt is impenetrable and impossible to scratch. He abuses this in battles and prefers to
let the enemy wear themselves out before delivering the final, devastating blow. He is an opportunist and will take any opening ( If it's honorable of course). He has a cat's delicate senses and balance. His physical power waxes and wanes with the moon.

His weapon form is that of the Katara. It is designed for quick, finishing strokes and for punching through armor. In fact, this ties in greatly to it's special ability; the more armor and protection an opponent has on, the easier Meainzos cuts them, effectively, turning and advantage into a disadvantage. The gemstone is non-functional, and is there because of Meainzos' gaudy tastes.

Quoth Wikipedia "A katara or katar (Devanāgarī: कटार, kaţāra), also known as a suwaiya or Bundi dagger, is a type of short punching sword that is native to India and popular elsewhere for swift and quick attacks. It was used by Indian warriors called Rajputs. It is notable for its horizontal hand grip, which results in the blade of the sword sitting above the user's knuckles."

So that's it. *ponders*

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