Old Style Vs. New Style Picture

Lol wow. This one really choaked me up to do. When I was home for Summer break a week ago, I decided to clean out my old and I came across some very old things of mine. Random Stories I did, poems, and even some of me and Laura's pictures.But the thing that choaked me up the most is that I found my "Princess Point of View" Story book. All I could do was laugh when I looked thru it, almost brought me to tears. When I flipped thru the pages, all of them were filled with little drawings illustrating my old OC, Princess Luna.

Let me explain....Back in Middle School, I was interested in alot of anime (Mostly Sailor moon and DBZ). So I created this character named Princess Luna who was 13.... *skims thru book*...yeah 13 who was engaged to this 703 year old King who actually looked about 30 I believe. These stories basiclly carried on about how Luna felt like being a would be Queen and the "various hardships" she had being a teenager lol. She also had a brother ( or boyfriend...my hand writing was retarded back then...) named Artimis Moon who was apparently born 1986....and died in 2010...RIP Artimis? LMAO XD

Anyway, I guess in a way this was supposed to reflect my life and wanna be sailor moon fantasy I lived in...where the characters used DBZ moves....Luna used Solar Flare. While Skimming the book, you could really tell that I was maturing cause I even wrote an entire chapter about Luna feeling obligated to have sex with Tessai. Gawd I was a weird child XD

Also for some reason, Luna had rainbow hair....and not it's blonde with pink streaks....>,>;; Dunno why I just randomly did that....maybe thats when I rain out of markers or something lol. Anyway, This was posted to cronicle my artwork from middle school to college...I've some along way. I could of cronicled how Luna looked in my high school days, but I couldn't find any pictures of her. I believe thats when I started working on another story about a Goddess named Charlie....

What can I say, I was a sucker for fables and mythology when I was a kid
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