Frith and Inle Picture

Just some graphic pieces I made. I actually made these last semester but forgot about them until now. They were for a contemporary drawing class I was taking, and were originally made out of paper. The assignment was to use a laser cutter in some way to make a series of pieces. I had never used one before so I kept the designs rather simple.

Though I haven’t really posted any fan art of it here until now, Watership Down by Richard Adams is one of my favorite books. Some of my favorite parts include the rabbit characters’ mythology featuring their various deities, such as Frith and the Black Rabbit of Inle here. They’re something of opposites of one another, Frith is associated with the sun, light, and creation and the Black Rabbit with the moon, darkness, and death (though he’s by no means evil). To fit in with the spiritual nature of them both, though these are very much modern and graphic in style, I tried to evoke a feeling of stained glass windows when viewing these.

I wanted to make a third piece featuring El-ahrairah as well, but I felt it would have ruined the duality of these two.

Art © me.

Wathership Down and all related characters © Richard Adams.

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