Sprite Battle II Picture

Disclaimer: This is 100% my own work (and many many hours of it). All sprites are my own creation and no poses or other items are copied, only referenced from their resepective sources.

Wakadoo! It's over!

All up there are 781 frames to this animation.

There's a grand total of 34 or 35 seperate sources referenced in the animation (Death Note and Bleach share the same reference). My logic is that if I'm gonna put that much effort into the animation I'll put an equall amount of effort in including as many sources as possible. So deep breath and lets begin:

Charizard & Charmander x2
Both from the Pokemon universe. The charmander's pepper breath is actually a technique from Digimon. The Dragon Rage sequence is both my favourite seq but also the most abreviated unfortunately. I had it pointed out to me that Spyro should be the one obliterated by the attack as he's a dragon and apparently dragon type techs in Pokemon do the most damage to dragons. I lost interest in the games before getting dragon types. It is true that sometimes it's better not to aim for a boss's minions in the FF games. But never have I known such a brutal counter when they get KO'd.

The villan from Final Fantasy IX. Again the return spell from FFV is brilliant in looping the animation. His Dalek summon is naturally from Doctor Who. Bahamut is actually based on the mythological version, not the FF version which is always a dragon. A gaint fish monster can be just as scary. The name A'Tuin is a reference to Discworld. The rest of his summons come from the following sources: Mario, Tekken, Star Trek, Howl's Moving Castle, Captain Planet, Ghost in the Shell, Dragon Booster, Death Note/Bleach.

From the Spyro the Dragon games. I did have him using a flame attack at the beggining but that had to be cut sadly. So in the end poor Spyro doesn't get to do much except revive Kuja. The items are from the following sources: Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross, Sailor Moon, Zelda, Stargate, Kyo Kara Mao, The Matix, Lord of the Rings and Monster Rancher.

Astro Boy
From the Astro Boy TV series and/or comics. I've no idea what use the Techno Trousers from Wallace and Gromit would be in a battle, but I felt it would be amusing. The rest of his transforms come from the following sources: Zoids, Dragon Booster (by mistake), Star Wars, Transformers, 2001 a Space Oddessy, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy and Blade Runner.

From Dragon Ball Z. I had to have him go super saiyen, just so he could use his Kamehameha. He's the only person who doesn't have any other sources connected with him. I only just realised
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