Her Own World Picture

Chiyuu was so excited. She had been hearing for months about the Chamber of Time and Space from all the older kids like her best friend, the elder son of Aino Minako, Zenshin, who discovered the planet Anteros which then he was appointed as Crowned Prince of. Now that she found her world to love and encompass, she already longed to see it.

She had been studying the skies for months before her time came. She could see the small planet Mercury at times, late at night, and marveled at its celestial view in the telescope her mother had in their large home atop the foliage-covered roof. She remembered gazing around at the other stars, wanting to see farther and farther, the need to see and discover growing until she was finally permitted to enter the Chamber of Time and Space.

And she thought she’d never find it. That beautiful world so far cast but would be visited shortly by her and her parents, Queen Mercury and Lord Consort Ryo. She had spent nearly a year looking into mythology of all around the world before she found the perfect name for her world.

Angelia, a sweet sounding word who was the daughter of Hermes, who was associated with Mercury by being a counterpart. Just tied in enough in homage to her mother but personal enough to be her own, Chiyuu was far and well prepared for this.

She had been waiting all of her life it seemed for this world. She would be proud and happy and free to explore. It had two small moons that she had yet to name but her world was covered in nearly all water like her home world, Earth. Its hues of blue turned green and cerulean with its sea green lands of wet marshes and long, long breadths of deep, dark forests made the world an place of thriving life of wildlife and freedom. It had next to know of rough terrain like mountains and crevices and would take little time to colonize.

Her world. Her future home. Her mother was already electing officials to be her help, to help build her a palace and give her a beautiful location of which to work her magic and live her life to the fullest. She had always dreamt of traveling far and to travel galaxies in moments, to explore her solar system was more than she can bear.

But for now, she was happy enough to gaze with detail at the pretty world and its two moons, dreaming for the future, dreaming for Angelia.

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