Artimis, My Cat Picture

So as the title sugests this is my cat Artimis. This may be one of the best pictures of her I have on my computer so why not upload it? She's beautiful with her blue eyes and compleatly white fur. I've never seen another cat like her, infact I don't even know what type of cat she is... we got her from a Shelter so sadly I don't know what type of cat she is, it upsets me. And for any one that wants to know how I named her because of Sailor moon, because I was 13 when I got her and not quite out of my obsessionn with that anime. Artimis is also the greek goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. it's just spelled diffrently in greek mythology; Artemis. (wow big diffrence. lol) so yeah and that's it for my Description.
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