Genie Smiling At Us From Above Picture

For the "Robin Williams Tribute" Collab… held by the Disney-Club ...

The idea being to draw Genie, voiced by Robin Williams, on many, many little squares and to put them together as a tribute to this wonderful artist, I really wanted to join: Robin Williams was a big, happy part of my childhood; I saw many of "his" movies and smiled, laughed, cried... he always touched my heart. He brought joy to so many people... it makes me really sad to think that he couldn't find enough of it in himself to keep going... anyway... I truly hope he's at peace now...

About the drawing:
At first, I thought about drawing Genie dressed as Mrs Doubtfire... or as Peter Pan... or as Teddy Roosevelt's statue... and I told Hubby: "I hope that he'll see our collab from high above, where he is surely floating, and that it will make him smile"... and then came swimming into my brain the last scene of Aladdin... with this big, round moon laughing and turning to reveal Genie's face... I smiled and began to draw...

"I’m history! No, I’m mythology! Nah, I don’t care what I am: I’m free!"

made with:
Faber Castell Black Marker
Caran d'Ache Classicolor pencils + various other pencils
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