Oracles-Thoth Picture

Another Oracles design.
Ah, Thoth...while not usually portrayed as much of a physical prowess or fighter as some of his other brethren, he doesn't need to as he's THE brains of not just the pantheon, but pretty much how EVERYTHING runs around in the system of the hows and whys of connection and communication with the mortals he and his fellow 'gods' resided with for a time. Being that he's more portrayed as a patron of wisdom, he also was associated with the moon for a time. Given that both in mythology and in my story that he and Ra are something of 'frienmies', I thought this would be perfect as it'd give him that much more of a contrast to the holder of the sun. Pus, being that he's based of an Ibis, he wears a headless unlike Ra who has a long plumage to display, and is incredibly self-conscious about the fact that aside from his tail feathers, he's completely bald, something that the sun falcon uses against him constantly.

Oracles are mine
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