Sailor Eris Picture

Here's my entry for DracheaRannak's "SAILOR DWARF PLANETS CONTEST" [details can be found here:… ]
I used this… by SensiStock as a pose reference, just changed the arm so I could have her playing with her snake.

I choose to do Sailor Eris and I really hope everyone enjoys my attempt as this is my first time entering any kind of such contest. Wish me luck, ok?

For the basics:

Scout Name: Sailor Eris
Real Name: Rhea Diamáchi
Age: 16
Birthday: December 31
Birthstone: Garnet
Color: Black and Red
Technique: Apple of Discord - Causes enemies to fight each other, can result in cities being destroyed.
Likes: Fighting or causing, tricking people, her snakes, schadenfreude
Dislikes: Harmony, awkward silences, being ignored.

Since Eris is a dwarf planet of our solar system, I tried to keep it close to the traditional uniform while still having some creativity. Her tiara and the snakes on her wrists are both based on a depiction of the goddess Eris.
...Her names are named Dysnomia and Xena, named after Eris' moon [which was named after Eris' daughter in mythology] and the unofficial nickname for Eris when it was first discovered.

Edit: Um...Ok, so the guy running the contest has left dA. I'm not sure why, but I'm going ahead and assuming this means the contest is off. I'm disappointed, but at least I won't have the stress of wondering how I'll do.
I decided to leave my original artist comment in tact so anyone seeing this would know WHY I made this character. She was made of a contest and not a Mary Sue for the sake of having a Mary Sue.

Although the contest is likely off, I've decided to keep the character. She'll be a civilian character for my spy works.
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