Fire of The Sages Picture

Based on an Alchemy playing card entitled Fire of The Sages

Details and Mythological Fact relating to the piece

The Black Rose- In the old alchemical writings there are two roses, white and red. Even drawing allusion from pagan meanings, white denoting the purity of the female, womb denoting male, they appear in this form. I believe that the black rose was kind of a completion of a trilogy. A search for a higher esoteric being, spiritual connection...whether matter or conscience.

Snake- The snake head eating the end of its tail, is a recognized symbol of gnosticism. Symbolizing completion of a circle of knowledge.

The Moon- of course, its not just pretty.

A Phoenix- Mythological creature which lived a series of lives and deaths, births and rebirth. It would live out its time in a paticular cycle, burst into flames and then rise again from the ashes to start anew.

Anyways, hope that was kinda fun to read. Heres my drawing.
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