Midgard - Fafnir Picture

These are omnivorous predators related to the much larger Nidhogg. Fafnirs are about the same size as seagulls (not counting their long tail) and also fly in large flocks looking for food. The night they roost together upside down in the planet's cave system, away from the cold and predators. During the day they scout the entire planet for one source of food: algae that grow inside animals who use it for photosynthesis. Like Koalas, it is believed Fanfirs have evolved an addiction to the algae and will viciously hunt down any animal that harbors some.

But these animals are scattered across the deserts so Fafnirs have evolved a unique tracking system. They have specialized pitts behind their heat pitts that are sensitive to drastic change in color. When an individual catches the scent of the algae, patches of biolights will flicker on their neck, which signals the rest of the flock and they can follow the leader. The attack on the photosynthesizing animals are usual vicious but there are no records of the flock actually eating the animal itself (although they will die if all their algae has been consumed).

Fafnirs were thought to be solely herbivorous, but skeptical scientists concluded it could not maintain its thin body shape of have so much flying energy by eating only fibres. It turned out they also scavenge on carcasses.

Fun Facts: Fafnir are orange in color and the patches on their necks are purple. They were originally going to be yellow with purple and red patches and inhabitants of Geb7. They were moved to Midgard where the whole algae and kelp theme was more suitable.

I noticed that I was often hesitating to portray the four mouthed parts of my Midgard life forms. That was my main focus in this drawing. I also wanted to make sure I was covering all the main creatures of the Moon. Next I will sketch one of its main victims.
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