Team STRN Picture

So I ended up making some RWBY ocs oops

Im not sure if these would really be accepted as the most canonical team of ocs, because I was a little lenient with the whole colour naming thing, but this is team STRN, pronounced Team Saturn.

The team consists of the team leader, Saturn, who is heavily based around time, as Saturn was a roman deity who was associated with time. Her colour is kind of a brownish shade, a similar colour to saturn the planet. Her weapon is a pocketwatch with a sharp blade protruding from its side, which she spins around her, and her Semblance would most likely be something to do with time manipulation.

The other three members of the team are all named after Saturn’s Moons.

Next there is Tethys, which, as well as being the name of a moon, is also the name of a greek sea deity, and also of an actual ocean present on earth, hence his blue colour. His weapon is a trident of some description, and his Semblance is probably something to do with water, but I haven’t chosen specifics for either yet.

Then there is Rhea, who, in Greek mythology, was the Titan Cronus’ wife, therefore technically making her the queen of Titans, hence the gold colour scheme and greek clothing I chose for Rhea. The moon Rhea is also shown to be heavily damaged by craters, and to replicate the damage, she has a robotic arm and legs, which she was given after an accident as a child left her with heavily damaged limbs. Her weapon is a spear of some sort, and I haven’t decided on her Semblance.

Finally, there is Narvi, who, in Norse mythology, was the god of wrongdoings, and also the father to the personification of Night, which is the reason behind his dark purple colour scheme. His weapon is a long sword that breaks up into a bladed whip-like thing, and I haven’t settled on a Semblance for him either.

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