Olympian Sailor Scouts 2 Picture

I've been in an artsy mood lately, but not quite sure what to draw. From this frustration, I suddenly realized I haven't uploaded anything in a while! So, here, a present to all of you!

This group was definitely more difficult to work with, mostly because I needed to come up with outfits that were different than the others I had drawn, but still work with the theme. And it was tough finding good symbols and things to pair with most of them... But I do find it pretty funny that three of them have staffs in this picture.

Neptune - Obviously, for the God of the Sea I needed to include a trident. But besides that, most of the symbols and associated myths didn't translate well to clothes (such as being the creator of horses, etc). So I included a crown of shells in her hair, which I now wish was a little less sparse.

Caelus (Uranus) - The most difficult one of all!! Pretty much all that's said about him is that he's the God of the Sky. So to express that, I gave her wings.

Diana (Moon) - Pretty easy drawing her, because I wanted to simply recreate Sailor Moon's outfit (in [link]) for her , but with a little more pink.

Pluto - One of his symbols is his helm, and randomly this staff. (Not sure about the staff, but he's often shown holding it) God of the Underworld is a little hard to show, but he is usually associated with precious jewels and metals, so I incorporated that into her outfit.

Saturn - Despite the stereotypical association with death, Saturn is actually the God of the Harvest which is why he holds a sickle. So this I needed to include, along with another stereotype of his... He is also associated with time, represented here by an hourglass.

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