Philonoe Character Sheet Picture

This is a character sheet for a Sailor Moon FanFiction that has been in my head for years (and has gone through a lot of changes because of that) but that never quite makes it to the 'paper'.

The name is lend from Greek Mythology but everything else about it is my fiction and has nothing to do with the actual character from mythology.
In my FanFiciton she's supposed to be Lady Philonoe of the Lordship of Etna, part of the Golden Kingdom on Earth and living in Chimera Castle with her husband Bellerophon and son Rubeus. She's the descendant of the God Hephaestus and the protectress of the Taioron Crystal.

I created the character with the Senshi Maker 3.0 on DollDivine.
I own no rights to this Game! I just used it to create the character. The rights to the doll maker belong to Ola (programming on Doll Divine) and the art belongs to Drachea Rannak who draws just beautifully.

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