CD Cover Art 1 Picture

i put this under emotional because if you look at it, it is. the sillohoute of the girl represents me, the ravens are Odin's raven's. the full moon represents my boyfriends misguiaded spirit and the soldier is my boyfriend himself. ill expand on this when I've got more time. but right now ive got to run


okay so yeah, the girl is me because im just a shadow of my true self. im going thro a lot of shit right now but my boyfriend is helping me thro it <3

the ravens are the Norse God of War, Odin's ravens. Brendan is hardcore into Norse mythology. No further explanation is needed.

Brendan wants to join the army, therefore, the soldier represents him.

The moon represents his lost soul, as well as the source of light in my own life right now. Also it's a wolf thing but no one will understand that and I'm not supposed to talk about it *shifty eyes then runs awa*

well, enjoy <3
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