TDC Double armor meme Picture

...ahem... eyah seems I'm the only one excited bout it cause ppl went the classic road with normal armor... why is everybody so scared to try something NEW?!
This is.....

...the norse theme of the tourney is starting to get to me, it looks like something outta norse mythology even though it wasn't intended to be!...besides it's name, which Mani and sol means Moon and Sun in norse mythology... so yah!
Don't be fooled by the starry skin, SolManidramon's skin is made of plasma! It just has a weird coloration due to the digiegg of Willpowers ability to make elements a weirder color!
Anyways! YESH! Pure energy being with blades! Awesome!
Also, even though i didn't wnat to overuse th centaur anatomy seen in digimon.. there isnt a single centaur bodied Hronawmon digivolution up to now.. so DERP! HERE!
BTW yes she has no mouth... she can talk but no mouth... digimon LOGIKS YAY!

Art and chara c me!
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