Sailor Nike Picture

Round 1: GO!!

Sailor Nike for #kawaiicontest's first contest, Sailor Moon OC contest. I had thought of Eos, but I think Nike needs to be flushed out, and this is a good way of doing so.

Sailor Nike: the senshi of Victory
Name: Victoria Frost
Weight: 124lbs
Birthday: December 3rd
Likes: Book, Cookies, Stars
Dislikes: Cooking, Beef, Loud Music


About Nike, the Design:

Not that I think this counts, but I wanted to talk about why she looks the way she does.
One of my favorite books describes Nike as the Winged Goddess of Victory. She had dark brown hair, violet eyes, and wears a crown of golden laurels.

So, I like wavy hair, its more fun to draw to me than straight, but I kept with mythology and kept the colors. for her face. I kept gold for the laurels, but I chose this crimson red because in battle, no victory comes without death and bloodshed. Her symbol, though you;d never know, is golden laurels wrapped around a droplet of blood.

SHe would have been the younger sister to an OC I was going to make for *Cheddar99043's OC contest, but I never go around to her, so maybe some day I'll draw that?? Who knows.

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Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Nike (c) *MoondancerAya
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