Sailor Kitsune Picture

EDIT: Now that I've had sleep, I'll add a little more about her. As mentioned, she is a kitsune, which is a Japanese fox spirit/demon if you're not in the know. Generally they're pegged as Chaotic Neutral, as prankster spirits who like doing things for shits and giggles. Whether a kitsune is good or evil generally depends on the story you find, I've found. Also popular in Japanese mythology is the idea of the nine-tailed fox/kitsune, as best exemplified by the series Naruto. So I drew a senshi with nine tails: six on the back of her fuku, three on her brooch, in case you missed that.

This is for the Traditional Sailors Halloween Collaboration spearheaded by nickyflamingo and WanderingKotka, the group icon can be found below. If you're a traditional artist and you're into Sailor Moon you should totally check the group out ^_^ The theme is to pick a mythological creature from a list and design a senshi based on that creature. It's really cool!

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Here, have a Sailor Kitsune for your Traditional Senshi collab. Really cool Halloween-themed collab spearheaded by Nicky and Kotka. I'd say more, but it's 2 am and I'm way tired. So enjoy. And check out the group.
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