Leaping Lights Cafepress Logo Picture

The logo for the WIP shop for Canidae, which shall be geared towards animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

'Leaping lights' is the name given to the northern lights (aurora borealis) by Tailchaser's birth pack. In their mythology, the lights are the spirits of their ancestors playing and singing in the sky, while the stars are the spirits of their prey. When the lights come out, the wolves sometime sing to their ancestors in the hopes that they'll send them lots of prey.

Yes, I know 'Brother Bear' has a mythology a lot like this, but they don't own the idea. Lots of ancient cultures worshipped stuff they didn't understand - the moon, the stars, the ocean - the list goes on. I chose the northern lights because they would be visible a lot in the region of Tailchaser's pack's home and because I hate the whole 'wolves howl at the moon' stereotype. Actually, wolves howl for much the same reasons as humans use phones - communication. It has NOTHING to do with the stupid moon. (No offense moon likers.) I'm guessing the stereotype coming from people hearing wolves howling at night, when the moon just happened to be out.

For some odd reason, I only like the moon when it's a crescent shape. The rest of the time it just freaks the hell out of me. (I have no idea why.)

I love this font. I have some pretty wicked ideas for the CANIDAE logo; I need to make it sometime. This font may become part of it!
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