The Original Firestar Picture

Meet Fritti Tailchaser! Main character of the novel, "Tailchaser's Song" by Tad Williams.

Anyways, the book is about a ginger tom named Fritti Tailchaser, who leaves the Meeting Wall Clan to set off on a magical quest to find his friend and gets caught up in a prophecy in the middle of it all. The book's pretty cool- I'm halfway into it and the characters are adorable. They have a lot of depth to them. The mythology and the cats' beliefs, I have to admit, are really cool. xD

So far I have learned the names of other Clans such as the Edge-Copse Clan and the Forest-Light Clan. I've also learned that the cats in a Clan come together to share stories and news on the night of the full moon.

Well, by now you guys are all saying, "That guy is a ripoff of Warriors!"


Tailchaser's Song was published in 1985, while Warriors was published several years after.

And yet....

Both the heroes are ginger toms setting off for a new life, both are friends with a gray tabby tom, both novels' clans meet at the full moon.....

It was like meeting the Clans' ancient ancestors o_o And some of the members were kittypets! Lol, I wonder what Longtail would think.
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