Nick and Judy crying over Sad Books Picture

It started out as a practice sketch for Judy alone then I expanded it by added Nick. This isn't exactly how I plan to make fan art for Zootopia but it's better than nothing.

Just a little of pencil and erasers and a micron pen (0.30 mm) though I overdid it with the ink where they are not suppose to be. I'm still terrible on perspective on living thing and proportions. I drew Nick and Judy in their police uniforms because well I jumped ahead and they have perfectly match. Maybe they were reading on their break?
Maybe I should have add color.

Nick and Judy were both reading books together and cried together. Judy was reading Watership Down by Richard Adams while Nick was reading Hunter's Moon by Garry Kilworth(originally titled The Foxes of Firstdark).
I read Hunter's Moon/The Foxes of Firstdark when I was a freshman in high school in 2005-2006 and watched the movie version of Watership Down during my early college years, perhaps when I was in a community college for one year.
Anyway, both stories are based on anthropomorphic animals with spiritual experiences (nothing too mystical just animals have their own religions or mythology of their existence like us Humans) though they are just like normal animals coexist with Humans. semi-spoiler alert, both stories had sad endings, peaceful but sad, the bittersweet kind.
Total spoiler alert, both main characters died of old age, enter a spiritual state leaving their love ones behind.
It makes sad and even cried too.

Just one question, after reading multiple fictional novels on anthropomorphic animals besides watch them on TV or drawing them, does that makes me a fully legit "Furry"? :furrysweat:

Zootopia (c) Disney
Drawn by me
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