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I've been working on an intelligent species for my Europa Project ( Rough draft of project writeup: [link] Main information link below), and I was wondering what kinds of mythlore another intelligent species would have.
The organism that created this picture are are in a group of creatures called Sagipteryi, or butterfly arrows (Look later in description for more info).
This creature is similar to creatures like Fanfir and fenrir. It is a gigantic Sagitazoon that exists in their folklore.

It is about 4 meters long and tears it's enemies to death with the claws on it's oral arms. While it may be a small creature compared with many real and fictitious creatures on Earth, on Europa, compared to the life that lives there, these creatures are of dragon-like proportions. (It would probably have trouble with just getting most people's legs in it's mouth past the knee.)
The organism it is based apon is Sagittazoa (See below)
Like many beasts, there are tales of encounters and heroic battles with this creature. In some stories it has weaknesses to certain substances, such as silver to werewolves.

I like to think of the sapients so far being around a stage close to Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.

I'm thinking of adding more to this piece to give it more of a mythological sense, so what do you think? More stripes? Ect...

I had a heck of a time getting the shading right. This perspective was something I haven't done before with these things.

Info on all of the life on Europa and the info for the project so far
(I highly suggest visiting this link, and it has loads of info on the project and all of the links to the Europa Project artwork. Highly suggested for speculative biology lovers)

Still to do:
-Design what the intelligent species would look like.
-Make drawings thier culture (Hunts, rituals, food) so far
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