Hitori Official Art Picture

Hitori, The Mistress of Magic

Hitori is an office worker employed in the accounting department of a Tokyo-based company, Hitori’s shy and a bit of a loner. Hitori has fairy blood in her veins. Fairies, however, are mythological creatures thought of as pure savages. Upon removing her business suit, Hitori turns predatory.

At one of the times she was predatory, she attempted to attack Silence. This was their first meeting. She received a sound pounding for her attack. However, Silence, instead of finishing her off, spoke, one of the few times he did, and asked her if she'd like to join the Moon Divers. After a little contemplation, she agreed.

Not long after Seyfert joined, she attacked him and Ourion at the same time. Her magic overwhelmed Ourion and Seyfert, who were caught off-guard. They barely survived, landing in the hospital for weeks. They survived because of Tolby's sudden rage. At Ourion's major injuries, Tolby attacked and eventually beat Hitori into submission. He is the reason she has no right eye. After that, she shyed away from them all.

Ourion was very quick to forgive her when she explained that she had fairy blood. He quickly befriended her and told her that he would be there if she needed help keeping her nature under control. Seyfert, who was very, very scared and angry at her, stayed away. Tolby cried a bit when he heard what he did to Hitori. He still says sorry every so often when he's around her. Seyfert came around when Hitori confronted him.

Silence, however, was one of the main reasons Seyfert changed his mind about her. Silence forced Seyfert, Ourion, Tolby, and Hitori on a mission together. He put them in teams, Seyfert and Hitori, and Ourion and Tolby. Ourion and Tolby never knew what truly happened, but when the mission was over, Seyfert and Hitori have been rarely seen apart.

The other members had this to say about her:
"She's... The best when it comes to magic... She's shy, yeah, but a really great person on the inside..."
"Hitori is like my mom. Though... I still feel REAL bad about hurting her... She says she's okay with it, that it wasn't my fault but... *Sniff*"
"Hitori is a great girl. I wouldn't go anywhere that I could without her unless I had to! Her healing skills are WAAAAAY beyond anyone I know!"
"Dangerous... But loyal to those she befriends... A great leader, when needed to be... Weak physical skills... Consider teaming her with Ourion or Seyfert for best results in combat..."

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