Silverwing - Nocturna and Camazotz Picture

I just finished reading the Silverwing trilogy today, even though I was well versed in the TV show ever since my childhood. I was inspired to make this quickie picture describing the relation between the two bat 'gods' from the books. I thought it best to depict them in such a manner, especially after finding out about their natures and backstories.

A huge part of the Silverwing mythology is the backstory behind Nocturna and Camazotz. The two opposing forces of the bat world: Life and Death, Night and Day, Sun and Moon, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative.

Combined both show and book elements of Silverwing. Pictured Nocturna more as smaller bats like silverwings and brightwings, while CamaZotz of course has an appearance almost spot on to Vampyrums.

Silverwing belongs to Kenneth Oppel and Bardel entertainment.
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