Night and Day Picture

I hate my scanner! It messed the picture up. This looks alot better in reality.I made it for my friend Buzzy, cuz she likes wolves... Alot. The paper is a gold metallic colour even though it doesn't look it in the scanned picture. This was all done in permanent pens... colourful ones of course....
I have stars for the She-Wolf, but I can't figure anything for the Male.

This was slightly inspired by rereading new moon and from the song 'Wolfen One', sung by Heather Alexander


The bottom wolf is got brownnish shading. The feathers are a mixture of greenish blue and random brown. The beads (which can't be seen on here*erg*) are the same colour greenish blue. There's some light colouring in her in pencil crayon (brown). She was supposed to represent night. The dreamcatcher feathers/string and the stars that I haven't yet put in...

The top wolf is supposed to represent Day. He has red shading with a dark purple ribbon wound into his tail and wrapped around his forepaw. The colours are more sunrise colours (surely you've seen the daybreak sky streaked with reds, purples and all the colours between).

Yes, there is in fact a reason I refer to them as 'He' and 'She'. I made the sizes different to illistate this to some degree. But I figured since the wolves were to represent night and day and I have a rather large obsession with mythology... ... ... The goddess Artemis traditionally represents night and the moon as her brother Apollo traditionally represents the day and the sun.
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