Artemis Picture

I think I got the catagory right...Oh wells.

Anyways, this is my depiction of Artemis, the Greek Goddess.
Ummm...reasons behind this picture, well...My Language Arts teacher is doing a Greek Mythology unit(I Love, Love, LOVE Greek Mythology!!!) And I asked her what her favorite Goddess was and she said Artemis. I'm going to give her the picture tomorrow! X3
She better like it. I spent the past 5 hours sketching, outlining, and friggin' coloring this thing! (Sounds simple but it really isn't. Believe it or not I used 40 different colored pencils for this picture...) And now my hand is cramping....XD

Anywho, this picture was rushed badly. There are areas where I could've spent more time on. The hand for example. I realized that I put the thumb on the WRONG side of the hand AFTER I outlined it *Facepalm* I also could have improved the face a little. Frankly, it looks a little awkward...I know it's something to do with the forehead and mouth. Those areas always troubled me when it came to side views. As for the stag, the antlers came out hideous! And the snout could have been a little longer.
As for the good things, I love how the eyes came out on both Artemis and the stag, ESPECIALLY Artemis. I was looking at pictures of models with my little sister and saw these women with outrageous eye I decided to incorporate some of that into the pic! So beautiful! X3 I also like how I did Artemis' hair, so flowy and wavy! And the fur on the stag came out pretty awesome too!

Oh, and Artemis is not only the Goddess of the Hunt, she is also the Goddess of the Moon. That's why it's night time in the picture(Sorta, I need to work on darkening colors...*Sigh*) And that's why she and the stag have a cresent on their bodies(Chest for Artemis and Forehead for the stag) so pretty!
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