Lunami 2.0 Picture

A second take on Lunami I did over the holidays and didn't finish till now. So first drawing of the new year I suppose lol. This take is much more avian and foreboding. I'm come to the idea that Lunami's eyes while being able to widen and shrink to radical extremes as is typical of owls, also has varying eye glow settings that reflect the stages of the moon. So new moon they are almost entirely black and full moon they are glowing orbs of lunar doom. The ears in this take are very large crest feathers that can pick up wave lengths like antennae. The two plumed tail feathers are a little 'less' ornate but they glow now and are more in the style of Phoenix. This helps give her a bit more of a regal air so just as the Phoenix is the ultimate bird of the sun, Lunami can be considered the lunar equivalent. This ties into a mythological aspect I'm prepping for her backstory later so the dualistic symbolism is intentional. The perhaps other major change here for her is the feet. It occurred to me that while rabbit feet on an owl are fun and creative, they aren't very useful or practical. You'd need some forelegs if you wish to use them correctly and they wouldn't be able to grasp prey for shit. For an avian predator that's pretty important. So I kept most of the dimensions of said leg but changed the foot style to the 'X' shape of an owl. I'm sure there is some reason most raptors have scaled feet (probably has to do with struggling prey that's messy) but I kept the fluff on the talons while keeping said fluff rather short. Much of Lunami's design was meant to act as a visual metaphor for rabbit over literal rabbit parts which resulted in something rather goofy the first time through. I remembered owls have rounded wings after the fact so she more likely as of an eagle's wings here though I did try to round them out a bit. She's still eerily 'tall' for an owl so while I plan on tapering her neck more, it's still visible compared to most owls who seem to have no neck. It goes a ways toward showing a sense of scale. But yeah, very aggressive stance here.

I considered adding wing 'paws' but the idea struck me as rather silly in this capacity after awhile. So...still fluffy, but with more of an practical edge to her. The horned owl 'scowl' is likely a temporary shift in expression but it gives more structure than my sad attempt at a barn owl face earlier with her design.
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