Astronomer Diana from League of Legends Picture

Another LoL skin idea. This one is for Diana. I've wanted to do a Meteorologist Janna for a long time but Riot sorta beat me to the punch with Forecast Janna. I still might do it but a real scientific meteorologist not a broadcast meteorologist. Anyway, decided I would start doing scientist skins for champions and Diana seemed like a good astronomer. I do cringe at the thought of using a telescope as a weapon but I try not to inject reality into fantasy too often.

I did this with computer paper and a broken pencil so I'm sorry if the details are a little wonky. If somebody wants to color it I wouldn't mind them cleaning up a few details but be sure to credit me by linking my page or the original image. Also don't forget to tell me about it by sending me a note or commenting below with a link to your beautiful work!

Any ideas for my next scientist champion? (Besides the obvious Dinger) I also have an obsession with Greek and Roman mythology and thought about doing skins for champions that fit myths. (Like Narcissus for Draven or Castor and Pullox for LeBlanc) If you give me an idea and I use it I'll be sure to mention you in my discription.
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