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~Edit~ Added Salene's Cutie Mark and an Older Filly version of her. Also I realized that the colors on her bow were not shown on the first one so I added them.

Salene is a cubby pony is for two reasons:
1: She loves food and I mean loves it so naturally she's always eating. So she'd be bigger than the average foal because she likes to gorge herself on food. If she is left alone she would eat her weight in sweets and go on a sugar high then come crashing down later.

2: Now Cream has all sizes of foals; she has a tall lanky foal Hazuki, an average sized foal Ceres, a smaller than average size foal Eris and Salene balances it all out with being a cubby foal; she is also a smaller than average foal even smaller than Eris.

So this is my newest Oc and another Sailor Moon inspired pony. She is based on Kousagi the second daughter of Usagi and Mamoru that only appeared in the Alternate Universe story Sailor Parallel Moon. She is the younger sister to Chibiusa and the youngest child of Usagi and Mamoru. She only appeared in one short story and in it she is a lot like her mother and loves food. She hates cats because she is allergic to them. More info on her:…

I decided to name her after Greek Mythology since I've already used all the planets and Ceres and Eris were gods in mythology I'm just not sure if they were Greek or Roman. Salene was a Titaness of the moon which makes it a perfect name for her because she is the daughter of the Queen of the Moon Kingdom.

Name: Salene
Nickname: Sally, Lena
Gender: Female/Filly
Species: Earth Pony
Location: Ponyville
Orange Cream - Mother
Triton - Father
Hazuki - Older Brother
Ceres - Older Sister
Eris - Twin Sister
Sunstone, Pumpkin Tart - Aunts
Autumn Leaf - Uncle
Fairy Wish, Trinity Witch - Cousins
Fly Wishes, Cipher Splash, Ginger Gold - Relatives
Sunburst and Tiger Lily - Grandparents
Cutie Mark: A Bunny Face
Bio: Salene is the twin sister of Eris and younger sister to Hazuki and Ceres. She is very playful and loves to eat, she attends a nursery school a couple days a week with her sister Eris. She unlike Eris is able to talk in complete sentences though she does have a bit of a stutter. She likes to take care of the classes pet rabbit which she affectionately calls Bun-bun. She has tried to bring the rabbit home on a number of occasions but is always found out before she gets too far. She is highly allergic to cats like her mother but she unwittingly obtained a pet rabbit when she saved it from bullies and it followed her home. She lets Ceres take care of it most of the time because she cannot be around it for long. Even though her parents are a Pegasus and Unicorn she was born an Earth pony because of her family history. She sometimes gets teased for being an Earth pony when the rest of her family are either Pegasi or Unicorns. She sometimes wishes she were either a Unicorn or Pegasus so she could bond better with her parents.
Relationship: She gets along well with her parents though prefers her mothers attention than her fathers. She loves her father but whenever she is scared or hurt she only wants her mommy. She likes to help her mother around the house with the housework and chores.
She gets along with Ceres and Eris well but she has a closer relationship with Eris because the are twins. She loves to follow Ceres around and try and imitate her reactions to stuff. She adores Hazuki and likes to spend time with him and says one day she wants to marry him.
Special Talent: Does eating count as a Speical Talent? JK not sure yet

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