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"Strigoi Mortii"

"In Romanian mythology, strigoi (same form singular or plural) are the evil souls of the dead rising from the tombs (or living) that transform into an animal or phantomatic apparition during the night to haunt the countryside, troubling whoever it encounters. A strigoaică (singular feminine form) is a witch. Strigoi are also known as "moroi" in some parts, especially rural areas. They are close relatives of the werewolves known as "pricolici" or "vârcolaci", the latest also meaning "goblin" at times.

These names are derived from strigă, which in Romanian meant "witch" or "barn owl", cognate with Italian strega, which means "witch", and descended from the Latin word strix, for a shrieking vampiric bird. Strigoi viu (plural: Strigoi vii) is a living vampiric witch. Strigoi mort (plural: Strigoi morţi) is a dead (undead) vampire. They are most often associated with vampires or zombies. According to Romanian mythology a strigoi has ginger hair, blue eyes and two hearts.

By Slovenian and Istrian mythology a "štriga" is most likely a woman but there are exceptions when she is a male. One of the ways for ending her powers is to expose her to public after witnessing her powers. Folklore superstitions also says she can't be killed unless killed while she is feasting on the life force of the prey."

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