Solstice and Equinox Picture

PASWG-esque. I think. We read greek mythology in English class, and we learned (vaguely) about the classes of gods...Like the titans, then the first class, the second class, each time the gods had children, they became a new class or whatever. So Solstice and Equinox were supposed to be the daughters of Atremis and Apollo, being very close to humans (each generation loses some of it's godly powers), but still have supernatural powers. I never really developed them much...although I probably should. The only real thing I thought about was that Solstice, the sun, is dominant over her sister, Equinox, the moon. This being said, without Equinox, Solstice goes crazy berserk and just loses it. Every once in a while, I draw them in a some comics, but again, they don't have personalities yet... I'll get to work on that.
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